Our initiatives

  • Our initiatives for safety and security

    Inspection for 2018 New tea
    We carried out the radioactivity inspection and the pesticide residue inspection about 2016 first harvest tea.
    We would be able to provide Shizuoka green tea with security and safety.

  • ◆The radioactivity inspection◆

    • Nothing has been detected.
    • Analysis of radionuclides was performed by Gamma-Spectrometry using Germanium Semiconductor Detectors.
    • Met certain standards:Codex(world standards)
    • Inspection carried out in the state of tea leaves.
  • ◆The pesticide residue inspection◆

    • Nothing has been detected.
    • It was tested for 470 pesticides.
    • Met certain standards:Japan,Taiwan,EU,Codex

Our initiatives